Neglecting prayer comes at a cost – the forfeiture of an essential source of power in our worldly existence.

Prayer, the sacred act of connecting with our heavenly Father, entails calling upon Him to intervene in our day-to-day experiences. It symbolizes our humility, acknowledging our reliance on the Creator’s guidance to align our lives with His divine plans.

Despite its significance, many individuals grapple with prayer, finding it boring, challenging, or uninteresting or questioning its relevance in their daily routines. Many face life’s challenges without tapping into or engaging the power of the spirit realms to navigate their journeys.

The consequences are apparent – frustration, a sense of hopelessness, and a continuous cycle of unfulfilled breakthroughs in life. This not only impacts the individual but reverberates through the family lines.

Considering that the spirit realm governs the physical, the perplexity arises as to why we refrain from engaging in what we know can bring a transformative difference for us and future generations.

Examining the solitary prayer of the Lord Jesus Christ in Luke Chapter 11, verse 1, we find that His disciples recognized the extraordinary level of authority and power He operated in after prayer. Intrigued, they sought His guidance on prayer, paralleling the disciples of John the Baptist, who had also been taught this sacred practice of prayer.

We have seen the hand of God move in fascinating ways, with outcomes revealing nothing short of the miraculous –delivering, healing, and providing in dimensions only attributable to a supernatural power coming to our aid and that of our children.

We invite you to embrace a life of persevering prayer that yields remarkable results. Welcome to a realm of living authority, power, and cooperation with God’s beautiful plans for your life.

Since January 2004, the Lord has opened a prayer portal known as the Secret Place, where continuous prayer has been ongoing for 19 years. It is a sacred space where the fire of God continually burns, using prayer as a powerful tool for discipleship, fostering growth, and teaching us to stand in authority and confidence. We have come to realize that God desires our presence in the place of prayer more than we even know.

We invite you to join us in this transparent and selfless manner of praying. By becoming a part of this prayer portal, you can dig deeper into this experience that will transform your life.

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